Regional TOTs (Trainer of Trainers) from the different Uganda Orthodox Church Mother’s Union (UOCMU) communities were engaged in practical training on the construction of food storage facilities held for 3 days at St. Catherine Orthodox community at Vumba in Luweero district from 11 to 14, February 2020.

This training was basically trigged towards equipping the TOTs with knowledge and skills which they will employ while training other members in their respective regions of representation on securing food and seeds for the next growing season which will help in the reduction of post-harvest losses.

The Aims and Objectives of the training are as follows;

  • Development of UOCMU food storage guidelines / manual
  • Equipping the TOTs with Knowledge to be able to use the developed food storage guidelines
  • The training will equip participants with knowledge and skills on pest and disease control
  • The training will equip participants with knowledge on good facilitation skills to be able to train the beneficiaries.
  • The training will equip participants with knowledge and skills in the construction of a standard food storage facility so that they can also train beneficiaries in their communities.

Upon implementation of this program, after successful training at all the communities in the different regions, this will increase access to quality food for households of UOCMU members by a way of increasing food production for their own consumption and reducing post-harvest food losses.

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